A Day Full of Albums

Lately I’ve been shunning records for mixes, but today I listened to a whole load of albums. Fairly eclectic, new and old, very different vibes, unintentionally taking myself on a musical journey…

Miike Snow - Miike SnowBattles - MirroredForeign Beggars - United Colours of Beggatron

Burial - UntrueVenetian SnaresTool Aenima

Miike Snow. I can’t get enough of this eponymous debut. Heart rending melodies with an electro pop twist.

Battles - Mirrored. Original, playfully clever, weird post-rock that it demands your fullest attention.

Foreign Beggars - United Colours of Beggatron. Metropolis really comes through in the Beggars’ third offering, balancing Orifice’s trademark furious flow over some interesting, chunky production. (Killer dubstep crossover track Contact has a sick video, directed by Tony Truand)

Burial - Untrue. Deep, rolling, melancholy half-step full of echoing woodblocks and androgynous vocals. Hauntingly beautiful.

Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Alatt Született. This album was given to me with the correct ascertation “This will change your life”. Luscious, melancholy orchestral pieces masterfully intertwined with staggeringly complex breaks. A masterpiece.

Tool - Ænima. Ferocious prog rock beast full of huge, chugging guitars and Maynard’s powerful vocals. And it features Bill Hicks. Nuff said.

Galimatias - Voyage Mix

Want to chill the fuck out to some fantastic music? Look no further than Danish artist Galimatias' deep future garage selection. Just lovely. 

1. Sampha - Indecision
2. Sorrow - Your lips your soul
3. Galimatias - Old Dusty Shed (Unreleased)
4. Galimatias - Amount to Nothing (Unreleased)
5. Mount Kimbie - Carbonated
6. Lapalux - Without You (ft. Kerry Leatham)
7. Sweetheart of Kairi - To Yearn And To Reconcile
8. Charles Murdoch - Dekire (feat. Oscar Key Sung)
9. Burial & Four Tet - Nova
10. Galimatias & Joppe - Airborne